Hustling and Bustling at Parisian Phoenix Publishing

Periodically during the next week or so, this space will feature updates on various Parisian Phoenix projects.

Yesterday, poet Darrell Parry received a proof of his poetry project TWISTS: GATHERED EPHEMERA that, with a little grit, could be in the printer’s hands in a few days.

Publisher/editor Angel Ackerman performed the initial placements in the non-fiction anthology NOT AN ABLE-BODIED WHITE MAN WITH MONEY, a collection of poetry, prose and artwork produced by authors representing marginalized identities (and with connections to the Lehigh Valley).

The themes of the volume are meant to prompt discussion or at least reflection.

The anthology should be going out for copyright this weekend and hopefully be available for sale by the end of January.

TRAPPED, our contemporary romance by Bethlehem, Pa., author Seneca Blue has had its words organized on the page and is waiting for interior art. This pocket romance with feature the photography of Joan Zachary not only on the cover, but also sporadically throughout the book.

These photos depict the residents of Plastiqueville reenacting scenes from the novel. For more information about Plastiqueville, visit

Joan Zachary built this shopping mall set for our contemporary romance, TRAPPED.

As if that’s not enough, Parisian Phoenix will be updating its submissions page with upcoming anthology topics. Hint: The summer 2022 anthology will highlight tattoos.

And finally, the Parisian Phoenix staff has a clearer idea what to do with its podcast, Parisian Phoenix Publishing Presents.

More detail on our activities throughout this week.

As always, look for Parisian Phoenix books on Amazon, via the web sites of Barnes & Noble and Target,, talk to your local independent bookseller about ordering them through Ingram, or contact us directly.

We offer a deal where readers can buy a book for $20, author-signed if desired, and we will ship to your door (in the continental United States). Add $10 for each additional book desired. Mix & Match.

We prefer payment via Venmo.

Titles available as of December 10 include:

MANIPULATIONS, a blend of horror fiction and chick lit that mimics like a paranormal romance, where a 400-year-old witch stalks a supermodel.

• The (stand-alone) sequel COURTING APPARITIONS, a ghost story that examines grief and depression.

Titles anticipated before the end of December 2021:

• TWISTS: GATHERED EPHEMERA, a quirky poetry manuscript about life’s humor and darkness, by Darrell Parry.

• TRAPPED, a contemporary romance about an overweight hobby environmentalist who suddenly has skunks in her urban backyard, by Seneca Blue.

Published by Angel Ackerman

Writer, Editor, Traveler, Fashionista, Francophile, Student and Mother Publisher at Parisian Phoenix ( Author of the Fashion and Fiends series

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    Good evening, readers. Just another reminder that my alter-ego is a book publisher and we have new books coming out this month and next. Please consider supporting our publishing house and our authors.

    Parisian Phoenix books can be ordered via traditional online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, even Target), but if you want to find your local independent bookseller, check out (where our books are also listed), and if you visit a bookseller, they can order our books from Ingram.

    And if you want to skip the middle man, contact us at and for $20 through Venmo, we will mail any author-signed Parisian Phoenix title to your door (within the continental US). $10 for each additional title.

    Contact me with questions about our titles. And consider supporting our start-up business.


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