The unbridled joy of packing tape

So, Art Director Gayle and I exchanged the most ridiculous email thread based on a special promotion. It went something like this: I forward the email from Sticker Mule that reads, “Beautify your boxes. 1 roll custom packing tape for $9” with the message and subject line that says, “Tape!” Gayle replies, “OMG! This isContinue reading “The unbridled joy of packing tape”

How do you use the Internet?

I have a question for you: How do you use the Internet? How do you utilize your blog and/or social media to enhance your productivity as a writer? I mean it. How? More than a decade ago, when he had recently published Ghost Road Blues, I attended a workshop with Jonathan Maberry. Jonathan had someContinue reading “How do you use the Internet?”