Anticipation for our Coffee in the Morning

So very soon, we will release our 12th title in 21 months! How is this even possible? How can it be sustainable? Coffee in the Morning: short stories of fiction, fantasy and dreams The book launching, after several weeks delay, is Larry Sceurman’s anticipated short story collection, Coffee in the Morning. After seeing Joan Zachary’sContinue reading “Anticipation for our Coffee in the Morning”

A chat with Olivia from Chronicles & Coffee

On Tuesday afternoon, I had the delightful opportunity to speak with Olivia Brooks, the host of the podcast “Chronicles and Coffee” and proprietor of a website of the same name. She’s young, still in college, and she started her podcast this year. She’s probably #1 on my people to watch list (in part because she’sContinue reading “A chat with Olivia from Chronicles & Coffee”