A chat with Olivia from Chronicles & Coffee

On Tuesday afternoon, I had the delightful opportunity to speak with Olivia Brooks, the host of the podcast “Chronicles and Coffee” and proprietor of a website of the same name. She’s young, still in college, and she started her podcast this year. She’s probably #1 on my people to watch list (in part because she’sContinue reading “A chat with Olivia from Chronicles & Coffee”

Open Sesame with author Jon Gibbs and other weekend nonsense

Because most of us in the Parisian Phoenix birdhouse work day jobs, weekends tend to explode with creativity and commitments. I started this morning answering email, tracking income and expenses and doing the sort of nonsense that keeps the business doing business. In my personal life, my daughter and I have dedicated some time toContinue reading “Open Sesame with author Jon Gibbs and other weekend nonsense”

Hi-ho into April: an invitation to our Book & Puppet event April 29

It certainly has been here. March brought much excitement for the publishing company with Thurston’s release of The Phulasso Devotional, the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group Write Stuff Conference, collaboration with Echo City Capers, production of Larry Sceurman’s short story collection, Coffee in the Morning, and planning for a cornucopia of events for National BookstoreContinue reading “Hi-ho into April: an invitation to our Book & Puppet event April 29”

Save-the-Date April 29: National Independent Bookstore Day

It’s a Save-The-Date edition of the Parisian Phoenix blog— we’re writing today to tell you to mark your calendars for APRIL 29. It’s National Independent Bookstore Day and if you’re local to Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, we’ll be celebrating with downtown Easton’s Book and Puppet Company and honoring the Arts Community of Easton’s studio tour. IfContinue reading “Save-the-Date April 29: National Independent Bookstore Day”

Celebrating cover design, book design and original art

Today is the coldest day so far this winter, with an actual temperate of six degrees Farenheit and an even lower wind chill. This is doubly surprising to me– even as someone accustomed to winter in the northeast United States– because so far this weekend, little, prone-to-be-cold publisher Angel Ackerman has been going outside inContinue reading “Celebrating cover design, book design and original art”

The social aspects of writing community

In an effort to connect more writers, artists, authors and other creative professionals, Parisian Phoenix believes in networking, sharing resources, offering support and mentoring. Publisher Angel Ackerman routinely corresponds with journalism students who take classes with art director Gayle Hendricks in her role as graphic design professor at local colleges. She also serves as aContinue reading “The social aspects of writing community”

Brainstorming: Plans for 2023

We all need a brainstorming day. Our culture seems to value the end of the calendar year as a time for collecting our thoughts, setting goals and focusing on moving forward. But I think we all need to do such brainstorming and organizing periodically. First, a retrospective: Parisian Phoenix published its first book in SeptemberContinue reading “Brainstorming: Plans for 2023”