Cover Reveal and Blurb for ‘Coffee in the Morning’

Gayle Hendricks has released a peak at the cover for Larry Sceurman’s second book, Coffee in the Morning. The official release date for Larry’s book has not been set, but we expect it to arrive in early May. From the back of the book: Larry Sceurman’s second book, Coffee in the Morning, presents a collectionContinue reading “Cover Reveal and Blurb for ‘Coffee in the Morning’”

Books, book reviews and book news

I recently purchased Suzanne Mattaboni’s “eighties novel” Once in a Lifetime and kept it in my purse to keep me company in all the medical waiting rooms. As in my habit, I reviewed the book on Goodreads and tagged the author however I could on social media— and she quoted me to others saying, “IContinue reading “Books, book reviews and book news”

Hi-ho into April: an invitation to our Book & Puppet event April 29

It certainly has been here. March brought much excitement for the publishing company with Thurston’s release of The Phulasso Devotional, the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group Write Stuff Conference, collaboration with Echo City Capers, production of Larry Sceurman’s short story collection, Coffee in the Morning, and planning for a cornucopia of events for National BookstoreContinue reading “Hi-ho into April: an invitation to our Book & Puppet event April 29”

Save-the-Date April 29: National Independent Bookstore Day

It’s a Save-The-Date edition of the Parisian Phoenix blog— we’re writing today to tell you to mark your calendars for APRIL 29. It’s National Independent Bookstore Day and if you’re local to Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, we’ll be celebrating with downtown Easton’s Book and Puppet Company and honoring the Arts Community of Easton’s studio tour. IfContinue reading “Save-the-Date April 29: National Independent Bookstore Day”

The Death of Big Butch by Larry Sceurman

A small book with big lessons  The story, set in the spring of 1974, encapsulates just a few days in the life of 26-yr-old Jimmy and his growing family, but those days manage to impart more joy, sorrow, and lessons learned than some folks experience in a lifetime. Hard-working, and hard-drinking, Jimmy is still findingContinue reading “The Death of Big Butch by Larry Sceurman”

Goodies for Readers

As always, we encourage readers to leave book reviews on their platforms of choice. We recently wrote directions on how to do so. Read those here. Reviews help other readers find and choose Parisian Phoenix books, give us increased exposure and rank among the algorithms and also qualify books for certain advertising opportunities. So evenContinue reading “Goodies for Readers”

Excerpts from Angel Ackerman’s Fashion and Fiends paranormal women’s fiction

To purchase: Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, direct from Parisian Phoenix. Want to read the beginnings of the Fashion and Fiends novels? Here you go… Manipulations, Book One August 2002Chapter OneLughaidh gripped the crumpled People magazine page against the steering wheel as he stared across the parking lot. It had been too easy to trackContinue reading “Excerpts from Angel Ackerman’s Fashion and Fiends paranormal women’s fiction”

The social aspects of writing community

In an effort to connect more writers, artists, authors and other creative professionals, Parisian Phoenix believes in networking, sharing resources, offering support and mentoring. Publisher Angel Ackerman routinely corresponds with journalism students who take classes with art director Gayle Hendricks in her role as graphic design professor at local colleges. She also serves as aContinue reading “The social aspects of writing community”

Big Butch debuts this week, free now on Kindle unlimited

May, 1974. Jimmy Washburn lives in a sleepy small town with a beautiful wife he adores and his almost two children. He works at the small auto body shop his grandfather founded, under the direction of his uncle. Surrounded by family and lifelong friends, Jimmy has a good life reviving cars, caring for his son,Continue reading “Big Butch debuts this week, free now on Kindle unlimited”