NetGalley adventures: reviewing Russell Mardell’s The Knock-Knock Man

Parisian Phoenix is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) and as such, I attended a webinar yesterday on NetGalley. NetGalley connects authors and publishers to reviewers, librarians and booksellers to increase the visibility of books. As a reader, I recently signed up to review ARCs (advanced reader copies for review purposes) andContinue reading “NetGalley adventures: reviewing Russell Mardell’s The Knock-Knock Man”

Seasons of books and publishing

I started pitching my book, Manipulations, the first volume of the Fashion and Fiends series, to traditional publishers and agents about 20 years ago. At the time, ebooks had not hit mainstream. Amazon had not yet transformed vanity publishing into self-publishing. My work was quirky and complex even then and didn’t quite fit in horrorContinue reading “Seasons of books and publishing”

Advice from my English teacher and updating Goodreads, part one

I went to a small rural high school but I was extremely fortunate to have gifted teachers and a strong curriculum. Several teachers proved influential in my development as a writer— but because of my participation in the school newspaper (which was an English class at my high school: journalism I, II and III), IContinue reading “Advice from my English teacher and updating Goodreads, part one”