Podcasts for writers on publishing and marketing

When Gayle designed the logo for the faux publisher who would later become Parisian Phoenix— I didn’t think much about the color pink. But a decade later I painted my bedroom the same color as the logo and about three years after that I said, “Gayle, let’s launch Parisian Phoenix.” So tonight I am sittingContinue reading “Podcasts for writers on publishing and marketing”

Diving into the Holiday Season

If you haven’t already noticed, Parisian Phoenix is a fledgling operation still struggling to find its way and do all the work necessary to expediently get our books into readers’ hands. And we’re at the point where our staff has day jobs and a multitude of creative commitments. That said, we should have not one,Continue reading “Diving into the Holiday Season”

Meet Rachel Thompson, “Connections”

Angel asked me to do a guest blog post for Parisian Phoenix Publishing, and I don’t do blogs (although I should), but for Angel I cannot say no. You see, she and Gayle are more just than my friends. Angel wanted to know how I feel about “joining the Parisian Phoenix family.” I have aContinue reading “Meet Rachel Thompson, “Connections””