How important are public libraries?

What do you expect from a public library in today‚Äôs world? In my area, small public libraries are struggling. My family has had someone serving on my local library board of trustees for about 15 years. Small libraries have always struggled with proper funding, but since the pandemic, another shift in usage has happened. SomeContinue reading “How important are public libraries?”

Scary Stories for Adults, an evening with Larry Sceurman

Last night, Nancy Scott and I (Angel Ackerman) went to Nazareth, Pa., to hear Larry Sceurman’s presentation, “Scary Stories for Adults,” at their public library. Larry, in addition to being Parisian Phoenix’s latest fiction author, is a member of the Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild. The storytelling guild, apparently with funds from the Pennsylvania Council forContinue reading “Scary Stories for Adults, an evening with Larry Sceurman”