How is it a great big, small world?

On Monday, I went to the hand specialist for a finger injury sustained falling down the stairs. Small world “coincindence” #1: Thurston was the first responder on the scene on the day of the accident, and the other people who witnessed the incident asked if we knew each other. I, despite almost passing out, usedContinue reading “How is it a great big, small world?”

The business of books begins with relationships

Whether you’re an author, a bookseller, a reader or a publisher, the business of books begins with relationships. Any business does. Even though Parisian Phoenix is still young and small, we believe in relationships– relationships rank just as high as our product line. After all, we know we print great books, but without relationships, whoContinue reading “The business of books begins with relationships”

Venues where you can celebrate books in the Lehigh Valley

Hello, readers, writers and bibliophiles. The fall book season is upon us… and I don’t mean Parisian Phoenix releasing new titles (although we’re so close to releasing The Itty Bitty How to Cat Book that I can taste it. Contact us to preorder yours now by credit card, or PayPal.) But I’m actually referring theContinue reading “Venues where you can celebrate books in the Lehigh Valley”