And today’s adventure… Phillipsburg Comic Con with Echo City Capers

Today, Joe Swarctz and Ralph Greco Jr., our own dynamic duo of the Echo City Capers team, exhibited at Phillipsburg Comic Con. Now, as newspaper reporter, Phillipsburg was my home for many, many years. And the communities that feed the Phillipsburg area school district– Phillipsburg proper, Lopatcong Township, Pohatcong Township, Greenwich Township and its centerContinue reading “And today’s adventure… Phillipsburg Comic Con with Echo City Capers”

Upcoming Non-fiction Books Announced

We are just about to update our production schedule for the upcoming season. Several new authors have joined our stable, as the publishing industry says, or the birdhouse as we tend to say. And it looks like our next few titles will focus on nonfiction.

Open Sesame with author Jon Gibbs and other weekend nonsense

Because most of us in the Parisian Phoenix birdhouse work day jobs, weekends tend to explode with creativity and commitments. I started this morning answering email, tracking income and expenses and doing the sort of nonsense that keeps the business doing business. In my personal life, my daughter and I have dedicated some time toContinue reading “Open Sesame with author Jon Gibbs and other weekend nonsense”

Books, book reviews and book news

I recently purchased Suzanne Mattaboni’s “eighties novel” Once in a Lifetime and kept it in my purse to keep me company in all the medical waiting rooms. As in my habit, I reviewed the book on Goodreads and tagged the author however I could on social media— and she quoted me to others saying, “IContinue reading “Books, book reviews and book news”