Movie Review: M3GAN and BookTube announcement

Greetings everyone! This week got away from me— as some weeks do from all of us I suppose– but I did take a minute to go see the horror satire M3GAN and recorded my thoughts on my personal blog and portfolio, I’ll do my best to keep sharing writing-related and upcoming Parisian Phoenix topicsContinue reading “Movie Review: M3GAN and BookTube announcement”

There’s a whole lot of books on Hulu right now

Eva Parry introduced me (Parisian Phoenix Publisher Angel Ackerman) to Octavia E. Butler. She had read the Xenogenesis series (now Lilith’s Brood from what I can tell) as part of a high school independent reading project. She has been trying to get me to read them for years, but I kept telling her no. KINDREDContinue reading “There’s a whole lot of books on Hulu right now”