Angel Ackerman’s Fashion and Fiends series blends the suspense and fear of contemporary horror fiction with the humor and lightheartedness of late twentieth-century “chick lit.” Her diverse network of characters experience the richness and depth of human struggle, which is why while the characters in the universe fall in love and pursue their happily-ever-after, the series can’t quite be called paranormal romance.

Ackerman uses magic and the supernatural to explore weighted topics like domestic violence, body image and self-esteem, depression and grief, colonialism, women’s rights, coming-of-age, religion, infibulation, infertility, and blended families. As Ackerman’s characters navigate their world, they share the same plights their readers do.

MANIPULATIONS, the first book from Parisian Phoenix published on September 11, 2021, follows Galen Sorbach as he hunts supermodel Adelaide Pitney for her magick. Adelaide, the protégé and long-time muse for fashion designer Étienne d’Amille, has to navigate her new quest for love and acceptance and protect herself as she finds herself desired by not only 400-year-old Galen but also the prey of elemental guardians who think her latent power has impacted not only her own life, but also the lives of Étienne and his ex-wife, financier Basilie. MANIPULATIONS is available at most online booksellers and through special orders at your local booksellers. Look for it on Amazon, and the Barnes & Noble web site.

COURTING APPARITIONS, the second volume in the Fashion and Fiends series coming in late November 2021, examines the weight of grief and depression on relationships as Étienne d’Amille finds himself haunted by the ghost of someone he loved. Étienne must continue the fight Adelaide Pitney started against photographer Galen Sorbach, and the battle might challenge everything Étienne understood about reality and push him to commit acts beyond his perceived capability. He could lose everything, and everyone, he loves. Look for it on Amazon and the Barnes & Noble web site. Also feel free to look for Angel Ackerman on, supporting independent booksellers.

RECOVERY, the third volume in the Fashion and Fiends series coming first quarter 2022, revisits the mess and the questions raised by the presence of magick in the Chez d’Amille community. Dr. Jacqueline Saint-Ebène, after saving her ex-brother-in law Étienne’s life sees her military career and personal life collide. The French Health Services assign her to oversee her big sister’s rehabilitation and the birth of not one, but two unexpected babies. Now Jacqueline must bring her scientific eye to this supernatural problem, which eventually brings them all to question Étienne’s conscription in Djibouti.

ROAD TRIP, the fourth volume in the Fashion and Fiends series, offers new perspective into the role of the elemental guardians via their protectors, the werewolves. When the water guardian and the spirit guardian disappear, Jules Zweigenbaum, unassuming personal chef to the d’Amille family and the Chez d’Amille business, joins his sister, Minette, on a international road trip that introduces Minette to this supernatural calling and hopefully will reunite Étienne d’Amille with his family before he does anything else stupid.

ABSOLUTION, the fifth volume in the Fashion and Fiends series, presents an ensemble cast of the Chez d’Amille universe as everyone works to extract the missing Étienne d’Amille from his immortal torturers. As Adelaide Pitney aims to usurp all the creative powers of the universe, primal familial connections drive Étienne d’Amille to protect his otherworldly offspring, while Basilie, his domestic partner and mother of his earthly child, must decide whether she will save him or kick his ass. The outcome shocks everyone, as the universe crowns its newest spirit guardian.

FINDING HOOYO, the sixth volume in the Fashion and Fiends series, steps outside the immediate d’Amille family unite to explore the interracial, cross-cultural relationship of Dr. Jacqueline Saint-Ebène and Dr. Philomé Abdullahi. The romance started in an unlikely place: Jacqueline caught Philomé’s eye when his superiors asked him to evaluate whether or not she remained psychologically fit for duty. Their relationship blossomed throughout the first five books, but now we hear the in-depth story through their point-of-view and experience their growing pains when Jacqueline accepts a tour in Afghanistan.