As part of its vision to publish unique, diverse and underrepresented voices, Parisian Phoenix Publishing has committed to fostering discussions about important topics via anthologies and full-length manuscripts.

In February 2022, Parisian Phoenix published their identity politics/marginalized voices anthology, Not an Able-Bodied White Man with Money: Expressions of Alternative Perspectives Influenced by Experiences in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, featuring authors selected not based on their writing ability, but for their ideas. View the book on Amazon here.

In March 2022, Parisian Phoenix published a memoir that highlights the impact the Holocaust had on one Jewish family, by a 95-year-old author who saw his father survive the concentration camps. See that book on Barnes & Noble here.

Our publishing company will be working with Lehigh Valley cat rescue group Feline Urban Rescue and Rehab, to present a “cat book” the proceeds of which will benefit the rescue. Coming 2022.

Publisher Angel Ackerman will be updating and publishing her academic thesis on Muslim relations, colonial stereotypes and the French later in 2022. The hope is that this manuscript will address not only religious differences, but offer insight as to how a culture develops mindsets that labels certain citizens inferior. This book will complement current discussions of critical race theory in America, as Ackerman, as a journalist and a scholar, considers herself a critical theorist.

Upcoming anthologies include a volume on addiction and recovery and potentially another on tattoos.

A later project hopes to chronicle the experiences of abortion rights volunteers.