Parisian Phoenix Publishing launched its first book on September 11, 2021, not because of the anniversary of the collapse of the Twin Towers and the related tragedies in Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon but because it was the birthday of one of the Parisian Phoenix family members. We are a boutique publisher, focusing on unique voices and diverse perspectives in fiction and nonfiction. We want to highlight the work that doesn’t fit other places, represents the gritty side of modern life but also offers hope and reflection for a better future.

To read more about our plans as they were during our launch week, visit founder and publisher Angel Ackerman’s web site (also shared on the Parisian Phoenix blog) here: Cupcakes at Midnight.

Parisian Phoenix always encourages submissions, but please note that as of Autumn 2021, we have enough book projects slated to keep us busy into 2023. Some of those projects are anthologies, and we will list those topics here. It is now December 2022, and we are working on our production schedule for 2023. More about (and the brainstorming phase) here.

You can always contact us at


The Parisian Phoenix Cat Book

Parisian Phoenix Publishing has offered to donate its services to produce a fundraising cat book to benefit Feline Urban Rescue and Rehab, the organization where publisher Angel Ackerman has fostered cats for almost three years. That organization has officially backed out of the project, allowing Parisian Phoenix to include cat stories from more than one rescue.

As the book stands now (December 2022) there are almost 200 pages from volunteers discussing the trials and tribulations of working with abandoned, abused and feral cats as well as the joy of success. The book also includes original poetry, fiction and humor.

If you have a cat-themed flash fiction (approximate limit: 650 words), poem (one page), or personal story about what a cat has meant to you please submit to Edited by: Angel Ackerman. Please format manuscripts double-spaced in twelve point Times New Roman, unless you are submitting poetry. Then double-spacing is not necessary. File formats preferred include .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, or .pages. PDFs can be submitted if “nothing else works.”

DEADLINE: March 30, 2023.

The Scavenger Hunt Pocket Photo Book

As of December 2022, this idea is days old. We are looking for artistic detail photography, probably in black and white for a small photo book that would encourage people to go on a landmark scavenger hunt. The front of the book, or sections if we highlight more than one geographic region in the same book, would contain a map, listing all the locations. The back of the book (or section) would reveal where each photo was taken.

The photos themselves would feature a recognizable, accessible site from a detail or different point of view. For instance, not the falling crayons at downtown Easton’s The Crayola Factory but the roof of the parking garage behind the attraction. Each photo will have its own page, or two-page spread if the photographer has more than one compelling shot of the scene. Each photographer will have a credit on their photo(s) and a small caption will join each shot. If possible, we will include the date the photo was shot as environments change with seasons and time.

As a small publisher, we were originally thinking Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley would be the region of choice, but there is a possibility of branching out into the Poconos and/or Bucks County.

Photographers will definitely receive a free copy of the book and access to contributor copies, but we are hoping to provide additional incentives. Regardless of what we decide, all contributors will receive a bio in the book. If Parisian Phoenix cannot offer payment, we will offer each photographer a page in the back of the book to promote his/her/their work.

Submit high res images to and please put “photo book submission” in the subject line. Include with your submission the place, the date the photo was shot, and a brief blurb about why you picked this location/photo.

DEADLINE: JUNE 30, 2023.

Topics for Upcoming Anthologies:

  • Modern Frankenstein
  • Addiction and Recovery (nonfiction only, we encourage authors to provide stories of recovery success. Art/poetry accepted.)
  • Tattoos (all genres welcome, even poetry, but all tattoos must be real)
  • Locked in a Wegmans
  • Cars

If you have material for an anthology topic, please submit to with the topic in the subject line. The anthologies will publish based on which topics receive the most submissions.

Edited by: Angel Ackerman. Please format manuscripts double-spaced in twelve point Times New Roman, unless you are submitting poetry. Then double-spacing is not necessary. File formats preferred include .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, or .pages. PDFs can be submitted if “nothing else works.”

Deadline: OPEN

Parisian Phoenix Blog: REFLECTIONS

Parisian Phoenix promotes its blog as a way to learn about upcoming releases, read otherwise unavailable vignettes from our authors and staff, and share what we call “Reflections.” Read our first Reflection here. Reflections should make the reader, well, reflect. They should offer a chance to think about a topic or serve as a writing prompt. Authors are encouraged to inspire others. Cite a quote that means something to you. Tell us about your hero. Teach us your tricks to self-soothe or escape a bad mood. Make us laugh. React to current events.

Poetry, art, cartoons, prose… genre is open. Communicate your message as you see fit.

Writers who appear on the blog must include a bio, details of which may be determined by the author, and may provide a photo, link to web site, and/or any social media they wish to promote. Authors selected may also receive special invitations to submit to future print anthologies.

Submit potential blog posts with the subject line “Pitch for Blog” to


If you have a book proposal, send us an email. We’re always looking for new ideas, and we love working with new authors. But please keep in mind we do not offer advances. But we also will not charge you to publish your book, unless you decide to hire our editorial and self-publishing services to produce your book on your own via our Independent Birds program.