the journey towards the perfect cover

“Seneca Blue” is a pseudonym for two women who wanted to try their hand at a trashy romance novel. Anybody can write one, right? Wrong.

Seneca quickly discovered that she bit-off much more than she could chew, but with Angel’s editing help “Trapped” is a fun, modern romance novel. Unlike most romances this one features a protagonist who is overweight, under-employed, and middle-aged. (Amazing how this story written before the pandemic mimics what happened to many of us during quarantine.)

The story follows the romance formula—girl meets boy, girl loves boy, ultimately girl and boy get together. She has skunk issues. He’s a trapper. What more could you want in a romance?

Seneca knew immediately she didn’t want a bosom-busting stereotypical cover. But she didn’t know what she wanted. I tried a couple of things and nothing I did made her happy. The story needed a cover as unique as the story. Ultimately the project was shelved.

Then I was introduced to Joan Zachary and her Plastiqueville photography. Joan takes 1-7 inch plastic people and animals and creates little worlds for them. I first saw them on Instagram. I showed Seneca. She loved them all. A Plastiqueville scene would be the perfect cover art. Looking through Joan’s portfolio we found Weed Whacker Guy for Clint, the trapper, without his weed whacker of course. And the girl figure could have worked for Ed if she wasn’t so dang skinny. The clothes are Ed.

How hard could it be to find a small plastic overweight woman? We tried googling plastic fat people dolls and blow up dolls came up in the search. Not the kind of dolls we’re looking for. Then we tried small plastic female action figures. A lot of hits came up for that. They all had giant boobs and unnaturally tiny waists.

We also discovered that Barbie now comes in curvy. She’s not really overweight, she’s a normally proportioned doll. Also copyrighted, so out she goes. I’m going to start hunting thrift stores. Ed is out there. I know she is. Joan might have too many plastic dolls by the time I’m done shopping.

Then the big question “Does she have a skunk?” I asked. Joan found one. It arrived today. He’s perfect. Too bad the cover can’t be scratch and sniff.

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Designer, educator, seeker of hidden typography

4 thoughts on “the journey towards the perfect cover

  1. Weed Whacker Guy is honored to play the role of Clint, the trapper. Of course, you need to get in touch with his agent to work out the particulars (i.e. his own dressing room, Fridays off, etc.). You do realize that he never puts down that weed whacker? That’s right. Never.

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    1. Oh no! His weed whacker is not a detachable “accessory” like Barbie’s briefcase? Drats. That will never do. His lack of flexibility just cost him this starring role.


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