Jake not from State Farm

Two official big announcements from the Parisian Phoenix universe today:

1. Not an Able-Bodied White Man With Money, the nonfiction anthology of essays, poetry and artwork about life in the Lehigh Valley if you’re a person with a marginalized identity, officially goes on sale today. It’s our seventh live title since we launched Parisian Phoenix in September 2021 and our first nonfiction book. Our second nonfiction book will debut in March.

Click the photo to go to Amazon, or ask your local independent bookseller to order from Ingram.

2. Parisian Phoenix Publishing Company received the necessary state recognition and had more than the required official paperwork to open a business bank account. We have been working with Jake, from our local bank not from State Farm, and today we’ll be talking to Ludwig about merchant services.

3. (And perhaps too unofficial to say) We also applied to have a vendor table at Lehigh Valley Book Festival March 26 sponsored by Let’s Play Books in Emmaus and Bethlehem Public Library.

As always, Parisian Phoenix encourages readers to contact us for author-signed copies of any of our books mailed to your door. Any author signed Parisian Phoenix title can be shipped within the continental United States for $20, and $10 for each additional copy of the same or another title.

Titles available:

  • Manipulations, the first volume of the Fashion and Fiends series, follows the relationship Galen Sorbach, a 400-year-old fire mage, as he seduces and stalks supermodel Adelaide Pitney for her water magick. A blend of horror fiction and chick lit, the book has a touch of paranormal romance with some dark turns. Click here to see the book on Amazon.
  • Courting Apparitions, a stand-alone novel/sequel to Manipulations, is a ghost story that follows fashion designer Étienne d’Amille as he grieves and studies the impact of depression on his relationship with his lover and partner, Basilie, as they await the birth of their first child. Click here to see book on Amazon.
  • Recovery, the third in the Fashion and Fiends series (which also stands alone), continues the romance and journey into parenthood for Étienne and Basile d’Amille while focusing more on Dr. Jacqueline Saint-Ebène, an obstetrician turned combat surgeon in post-colonial Francophone Africa. Her adventures bring the reader to Djibouti, where the mysteries of supernatural foes coincide with conflicts between cultural tradition, religion and women’s rights. Click here to see book on Amazon.
  • Trapped, our first contemporary romance pays homage to the grocery store pocket romances of the past while embracing modern themes of environmentalism, body image, the gig economy, preserving small business and small farms, single father life, love at mid-life, and higher education. But don’t let that fool you, this book stays light and comedic as Edna “Ed” Gardner experiences her first crush in a decade when she hires Clint Anderson to trap skunks invading her dying steel town (based on Bethlehem, Pa., and the fall of Bethlehem Steel). Click here to see book on Amazon.
  • Twists: Gathered Ephemera, a quirky yet insightful full-length poetry manuscript that offers humor, romance, joy and the sardonic realities of our twenty-first century lives. Click here to see book on Amazon.
  • And now… Not An-Able Bodied White Man with Money, an anthology of short essays, poems and art discussing life in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley as someone dealing with: disability (cerebral palsy, blindness, hearing issues, medical care, self-confidence), body image and weight, race and racism, sexuality and gender issues/differences, neurodivergence, mental health struggles, socio-economic and ethnic diversity, and more. This anthology crosses the region, offers viewpoints from multiple generations and aims to provoke reflective dialogue about building community. Click here to see book on Amazon.

Parisian Phoenix Publishing Company Authors are also visible on Barnes and Nobles.com. Click here to see all of our books at Barnes and Noble. Some can be found on Target’s web site. And many of our titles appear on Bookshop.org, dedicated to the support of independent booksellers.

Published by Angel Ackerman

Writer, Editor, Traveler, Fashionista, Francophile, Student and Mother Publisher at Parisian Phoenix (parisianphoenix.com) Author of the Fashion and Fiends series

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