Farewell, Mr. Ticho.

This will be a short post as it has been a hectic 24 hours.

Our autobiographical essayist Charles Ticho passed away yesterday in his home. He was 95.

Gayle and I had the pleasure of publishing Mr. Ticho’s book, Stops Along the Way. It’s a Jewish child’s view of the Holocaust and follows his family while they rebuild their life in the United States and we get a peak of his career in film production.

To learn more about Mr. Ticho, I encourage you to read his obituary here.

Oddly enough, during the weekend I started reading a memoir of Jewish conversion, Since Sinai. Part of the reason I was drawn to Mr. Ticho’s story is because I am a history nerd. But the other reason is because while I know nothing but the basics about Judaism, I find myself perpetually drawn to it.

I wish Mr. Ticho’s family and friends solace at this time and I am proud to carry his book among the Parisian Phoenix titles.

To purchase Mr. Ticho’s book, and support a local independent bookseller, click here.

The Amazon link is here.

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