Notes from the field… Photography, Writers & GLVWG

Today, several of us from the Parisian Phoenix Publishing staff attended the June meeting of the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group where Joan Zachary, our official photographer, gave a presentation to the membership about the relationship between photography and writers.

Myself (Publisher and Founder Angel Ackerman), Art Director and co-Founder Gayle Hendricks and our Poet-In-Residence Darrell Parry accompanied Joan and answered questions as they came up, relating to each of our areas of expertise.

I told the GLVWG membership that I would post highlights and links to the Parisian Phoenix web site and here we are.

Highlights of Joan’s Presentation

  • Photos can inspire.
  • The right head shot makes you look approachable and presentable.
  • Photos can go in your book.
  • Photos can be the entire book.
  • Check out Herb Leventon on Facebook— particularly his empty streets of New York City photos.
  • If exotic over-the-top real estate might give you a setting, check out “Zillow gone wild.” They are on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.
  • specifically try their group, “I am telling you a story can you see it?”

Joan likes to photograph small plastic figures that she has created a universe for— Plastiqueville. Gayle wanted to capture the playfulness of the Plastiqueville in the rom-com, Trapped. See more of Plastiqueville here.

And if you want to explore making your own photo book, check out:

And if you want to buy or read photo books:

** the information in this post is for personal education only and is the intellectual property of Joan Zachary

Rachel Thompson, who occasionally writes essays for Parisian Phoenix, attended the meeting via Zoom. She announced her latest self-published novel, Book of Answers, and Gayle just-so-happened to have a copy with her. Here is my critique of the book design.

Unboxing RC Thom’s Book of Answers

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