The first days of the Midnight Angel

The photo featured with this post is Angel’s youngest foster, M. Jean-Paul Sartre. Since we did a lot of work on the second cat book, we thought we’d include a new face…

The new computer, nicknamed “Midnight Angel” has earned his keep the last 48 hours.

Angel edited the first 30 pages of Larry Sceurman’s upcoming novella, The Death of Big Butch, in preparation for the book design phase.

There’s even a meeting in the works to discuss the art that will go into this little volume.

Larry is a member of the Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild and as such understands the elements of a good tale. This particular book combines good-hearted nostalgia with some realities of growing up— not the growing up from child to teen to adult, but the maturation that occurs when a man (or a woman) learns that even when you’re a good father (or mother), there comes a day when you need to decide to let their youthful identity go in favor of a family-oriented life.

The story is about friendship, small-town Americana and progress— of the kind that threatens the “village” way of life.

Meanwhile, as we wait for The FURR Itty Bitty How-to-Cat Book to return from the president of Feline Urban Rescue and Rehab, we have a draft design of As the FURR Flies.

We’ve laid it up as an 8 x 8 book.

And Art Director Gayle Hendricks has a sense of humor as usual, asking if we can get a certain prominent FURR volunteer to stand still long enough for a photo.

And in our selfishly altruistic endeavors, we supported our first Kickstarter: Louise Pachella’s Funeral Fun! Adult Activity and Coloring Book. Louise is a writer, and a mortician!

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