My Love of Poetry is Not Gone, Part 3 of 3

Guest Post on Writing Poetry By Ruchi AcharyaPublisher’s note: As part of the Parisian Phoenix mission, we publish unique voices and diverse perspectives in print and online. So, this week, we will explore poetry with Indian author Ruchi Acharya. This is part three of three, where Ruchi offers her final two lessons on how to approach writing poetry.




Think about how to use technology and resources to advance your poetry skill set instead of deescalating your progress. To become a proficient poet, you need to sacrifice the superficial world we live in today and forge granularity in your work. You need to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to update your portfolio with time. Watch interviews of beloved authors and learn the ways how they established a concrete plan to become a profound writer. You’re lucky that you can find answers to all your questions by pressing few buttons on your laptop. Place your mind on a regime that writing poems is your top-most priority and you’re going to create history by making the most use of technology. You’re privileged that you can gain access to read any book by sitting in a coffee shop from any corner of the world. Additionally, you can enroll yourselves in online courses such as creative writing or poetry. You can practice writing daily prompts or listen to your favorite author’s podcast, watch movies, or practice online tests to improve your vocabulary or grammar among other services the internet has to offer.



Another piece of advice is join a writing group or an online community. Trust me, it helps. You learn a lot by participating in a writing group. Different mindsets yield vivid perspectives that astoundingly will help you to produce results which you truly are capable of achieving. Listen to your peers and respect their perspectives. This will teach you to see things from different angles and based on your viewpoints you can develop your characters and shape your stories accordingly, just the way you want it to be.

Second piece of advice would be to read books. Read about characters that you can relate to, twisted and mind-boggling plots, and heart-warming poems to intrigue your hidden talent and generate ideas for your write ups. Try to read books in different genres. Do not stick to the ones that you find yourself comfortable in. Welcome all the new possibilities by keeping an open mindset. You may never know what’s waiting ahead for you. Personally, I find reading to be like a meditation where you can let yourself go and liberate your mind limitlessly.

Third piece of advice would be to listen to the soft music and light a candle while writing. I know it sounds irrelevant but trust me, the environment you surround yourself in subconsciously plays an integral role. To access your higher self, you need to build a peaceful atmosphere away from the worldly disturbances. Surround yourself with positive thought-awakening posters. Please welcome people who can give you constructive criticism on your literary works. Utilize technology to answer your doubts. Place your phone in the ‘Do not Disturb’ mode while writing. We cannot afford any distractions. With a healthy reservoir of a better body and mind you can achieve incredible momentum of self-mastery which will eventually lead you to become a successful writer.

Chop-chop. What are you waiting for? You better start working. Remember, tomorrow never comes.

COUP OF LOVE by Ruchi Acharya

The moon grows half-naked tonight
The colour of the rain is turning black
and lilies in the pond are all dying
while I am talking to your ghost
by staying up in the shadows of moonlight.

I was drowning in my dark crimson blood
beyond the universe reach
waiting for you to come and lift me up
to keep me afloat,
teach me how to breathe
in the buoyant force.

Little owlets are sombering deep
Poets are using golden threads
to weave their dreams.
I am burning my poison ivy
not my desires till morning comes.
I’d love you more and outgrown you
Reverse the clock to go
where we’re originally from.

I wonder,
How do I love again?
When will my life begin?

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