Big Butch debuts this week, free now on Kindle unlimited

May, 1974. Jimmy Washburn lives in a sleepy small town with a beautiful wife he adores and his almost two children. He works at the small auto body shop his grandfather founded, under the direction of his uncle. Surrounded by family and lifelong friends, Jimmy has a good life reviving cars, caring for his son, eating the Pennsylvania Dutch food for which his wife has a reputation and drinking with the boys. But just as the new White Hills Malls challenges the economy of the community, this one week in Jimmy’s life forces him to examine his responsibilities, redefine what friendship means, and chose between his youthful ways and the duties of a proper father. And it all kicks off with the death of Big Butch.

Larry Sceurman’s debut novella combines rich storytelling and nostalgia while asking questions about relationships, progress and growing up.

The Death of Big Butch by storyteller Larry Sceurman, a fiction debut novella, has launched for Amazon Kindle and will release in print on Friday, December 9. We have enrolled the book in Kindle Unlimited and have sponsored a promotion to allow five days of free downloads for other readers Saturday, December 10.

If you prefer to buy your print books from your local independent bookseller, Larry’s book can be ordered from distributor Ingram.

If you prefer to order online but still wish to support local booksellers and small craft presses like Parisian Phoenix, try Our store is here. There you will find easy links to our books, writing craft books recommended by our staff, what we’re reading and what we’re talking about.

Larry’s book will join this list on Friday. At that time, The Death of Big Butch will also be available through and the web sites of major retailers including Target and Barnes & Noble.

As always, if you like the book, please consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Author signed copies can be ordered from the publisher,, for $10 each plus $10 shipping within the continental United States. Add additional Parisian Phoenix titles for $10 each.* We accept credit cards, Paypal and Venmo.

Peruse our entire catalog here.

*Copies of Charles Ticho’s memoir Stops Along the Way cannot be signed. The author passed away in June.

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Writer, Editor, Traveler, Fashionista, Francophile, Student and Mother Publisher at Parisian Phoenix ( Author of the Fashion and Fiends series

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