Sharing my podcast expertise, from the beginning

We proposed a column to the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group, sharing our breadth of podcast knowledge and our Spotify playlists. I just emailed the first sample in, and I thought I would share it with you.

Podcasts to improve your storytelling

I’m not really a fan of podcasts. I mean Jane Fonda on Call Her Daddy? I can understand Spotify luring Joe Rogan and Dax Shepard (Armchair Expert) but Alex Cooper may have been a waste of money, especially since her saucy sexipades have transformed into a classic, interview format. When did podcasts become mainstream venues for book tours and movie promotion? It’s the talk show of the contemporary age.

If you didn’t understand a word of that paragraph, but you want an easy way to find digestible tidbits of information for your writing endeavors, this column is for you. Podcasts are a great way to keep up to date, allow you to research topics for your stories and get real world experience and information more lively than Google.

In this column, I, Angel R. Ackerman, publisher at Parisian Phoenix, will share with you the podcasts I believe will help you hone your talents. If you have a Spotify account, you can look for my profile— I’m the one in glasses, cuddling a cat. I curate longer lists of podcasts there. You can contact me at

FIREBUG, by truth media, a journalistic retelling of capturing a serial arsonist who was caught… when he wrote of his crimes in a novel
I AM NOT A MONSTER, from BBC radio 5, Josh Baker from the BBC seeks to discover why ordinary Muslim women moved to Syria and joined ISIS, season one deals with an American woman, season two follows British teen girls
MY GOTHIC DISSERTATION, by Anna Williams, uses multimedia tactics to produce her Ph.D. dissertation in gothic literature, and the weaving way the tale unfolds shows a mastery of academic knowledge, production value and enjoyable storytelling.

Runner up: CATFISH: THE PODCAST, MTV/Wondery, when truth is stranger than fiction. The MTV show about people who deceive others on the internet shows just how gullible people can be.

Listen to any or all of these to enjoy how they weave their stories. These are all nonfiction, but they construct the stories in such a way that you can’t believe it’s real. As a writer, we need to make the details so real, that people can’t believe it’s fake.

Next time: The GOAT IMHO (The Greatest Writing Podcasts of All Time, In My Humble Opinion)

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Writer, Editor, Traveler, Fashionista, Francophile, Student and Mother Publisher at Parisian Phoenix ( Author of the Fashion and Fiends series

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