The next podcast installment: How to Build An Author Newsletter

Yesterday, we released our March newsletter via Substack, so full of information that we’ll be breaking it into several blog posts. If you wish to read all of it, we point you here.

But today, we will start with our third column for the upcoming Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group member newsletter on podcasts that offer free resources for writers.

Podcasts about building newsletters

Today we will look at podcasts that will help you build and improve your author email newsletter. If you find my Spotify profile, you will find all of these and more on the playlist “writer newsletters and mailing lists.”


  • THE EMAIL MARKETING SHOW with Rob and Kennedy at Email Marketing Heroes. This series focuses on email newsletters for any business, not specifically writers. I encourage you to listen to any of their episodes that sound interesting— because as writers, we often forget to treat our writing as a business. Topics include: Email marketing vs. Social Media, How We Used a Facebook Group to Build Our Email List, and 9 Psychological Things We Use in All Our Campaigns.
  • THE SIDE HUSTLE SHOW with Nick Loper, specifically episode 544 “$1300/Mo in Under a Year: Growing a Paid newsletter” with Danielle Desir who founded the Grants for Creators Newsletter. Not only might this newsletter help you find money for your writing, but she also used Substack for her success. The transcript of the episode is available at
  • NOVEL MARKETING with Thomas Umstattd Jr. Thomas appeared on last month’s list, so now I want to point to two specific episodes: “How to Get a Professional Email Address” and “How to Use QR codes to Boost Book Sales & Grow Your Email List.” I’m recommending these two because I think he offers easy and inexpensive ways to make life more efficient and to promote yourself in the most professional way.
  • BOOK MARKETING SIMPLIFIED with Jenn and Marcus DePaula of Mixtus Media. I think all of their podcasts are anywhere from 10-20 minutes log and these particular episodes give some practical direction about building a newsletter.
    1. “Three Things Authors Need to Start Their Newsletter”
    2. “How to Grow An Author Newsletter”
    3. “Newsletter vs. Blog Subscriber”
    4. “How Authors Can Generate Content Ideas”

Newsletters aren’t a sexy topic, so next time I’ll delve into my “Life as a Writer” playlist and we might talk about inspiration, but we most certainly will talk about failure.

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