More about Thurston Gill

Thurston wrote an autobiographical statement. Let’s see what we can learn about him.

Thurston Gill Jr. is a developing writer and protection professional originally from Plainfield, New Jersey.

He has experience in various roles of security, beginning with retail loss prevention before becoming a Police Officer for the City of Plainfield. Because of complications with his vision, he was no longer considered eligible for duty in law enforcement; therefore, he returned to security to develop a career as a security professional.

(Publisher’s note: see that sassy but efficient use of the semi-colon? Be still my heart.)

He operated various security in healthcare & campus security, private security, and security training & development management.

Thurston was ordained as a minister more than 30 years ago and invested several years of life as a mental health recovery specialist and an intensive case manager.

He maintains competencies and certifications in the following disciplines: Biblical Mental Health Recovery, Basic Life Support/First Aid in austere environments, Emergency Preparedness, Armed/Unarmed Personal Protection, and Third-Party Protection.

He resides in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania with his wife. He is a security manager for an online retail fulfillment facility from which he will soon retire.

(Another Publisher’s Note: which is where we met, and I’m going to miss him and his presence in what can be a hectic environment.)

He says he has been blessed with opportunities that enabled him to acquire experiences and skills that he enjoys sharing at every opportunity through workshops, groups, and other training activities.

(Final Publisher’s Note: he’s also very friendly and a calm presence until he’s making sure you have your identification badges. Then, he’s booming and full of presence.)

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