Save-the-Date April 29: National Independent Bookstore Day

It’s a Save-The-Date edition of the Parisian Phoenix blog— we’re writing today to tell you to mark your calendars for APRIL 29. It’s National Independent Bookstore Day and if you’re local to Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, we’ll be celebrating with downtown Easton’s Book and Puppet Company and honoring the Arts Community of Easton’s studio tour.

If you’re not local, we will try to record and “live” as many of the festivities as we can— but please keep reading because at Parisian Phoenix, we aim to offer events not just because we can, but because we have good news and fun to share. This will not be a day of sitting behind a table selling books (although we will be sitting behind a table selling books). This will be a day of music, art, activity, spiritual blessing, poetry sharing, storytelling and interacting as a community.

So we hope you can join us, whether IRL or virtually. If you do come to the physical event, please introduce yourself. I’m usually easy to find and I’m usually wearing Parisian Phoenix pink.


Parisian Phoenix Publishing will officially partner with the duo of Ralph Greco Jr. and Joe Swarctz, the talents behind Echo City Capers, a children’s book series with engaging writing and stellar artwork.

The official announcement of the collaboration will be part of the festivities April 29, with family activities like art and music starting the day at 2 p.m. outside Book and Puppet Company and The Crayola Factory in Easton’s Center Square. That leaves plenty of time for the younger kids to visit Crayola earlier in the day and say hi on their way by the bookstore.

And if that doesn’t exhaust the kids, the art studios will be open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Meanwhile, our goal as Echo City’s new publishing partner, is to have a BRAND NEW, FIRST EVER HARDCOVER SECOND EDITION of Echo City’s charming tale “Sometimes I Get…,” a picture book about expressing emotions from their Echo City Capers Jr. line.

For more about Echo City Capers, visit


Ralph and Joe of Echo City Capers released a young adult graphic novel with a Canadian publisher using the imprint name Nightbat 99 Press. Regardless of your age, I recommend this quirky, square volume (which appears to be seven by seven inches) for it’s artwork, quality paper and book design alone.

But if you read it… Kids and tweens will love the art, the silliness, and the plot— a world drained of its electricity must be that generation’s equivalent of the apocalypse. But the pace and the humor is straight out of the 1960’s Adam West Batman television series with an intelligence underlying every anachronism and sentence that conveys so much more than the original surface level read.

I hope we’ll see more work in this vein. HINT. HINT. HINT.

Tomorrow’s post will review I Scream Man by Katherine Ramsland.

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