Parisian Phoenix publishes fiction with a voice that breaks mainstream marketability or genre rules, features characters that are imperfect or who represent niche communities, and/or penned by authors underrepresented in the commercial fiction world.

All titles are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, independent-bookstore-supporting, and direct from Parisian Phoenix Publishing. Ask any bookseller to order them for you through our distributor, Ingram.

Titles appear in alphabetical order by author’s last name: Angel Ackerman, Seneca Blue, Larry Sceurman.

If you know titles but not authors (alphabetical by title)… The Death of Big Butch is by Larry Sceurman; The Fashion and Fiends series (Manipulations, Courting Apparitions, Recovery and bonus origin story novelette, Not the Quiet French Kid), Angel Ackerman; and Trapped, Seneca Blue.

Want genre-based recommendations? The Fashion and Fiends series falls in paranormal women’s fiction/horror; Trapped by Seneca Blue is a rom-com, or a farcical contemporary romance; and Larry Sceurman writes nostalgic, relatable fiction.

Fashion and Fiends, our debut fiction series, demonstrated potential when circulating among literary agents and editors, primarily in Manhattan. But it was a workshop with author Jonathan Maberry in the mid-aughts that suggested the novel MANIPULATIONS would sell better as a paranormal romance rather than horror fiction. The novel’s “chick lit” feel lightens the horror elements, but it’s dark twists and ending remove it from the paranormal romance field.

MANIPULATIONS explores what happens when a 400-year-old fire mage stalks a supermodel with latent water magick. Click here for a sample.

COURTING APPARITIONS, the second volume in the series, presents a ghost story that examines depression and grief and their impact on relationships. Click here for a sample.

RECOVERY, the third volume, explores motherhood, family and culture as the characters face medical issues and supernatural threats. Click here for a sample.

Bonus Origin Story Novelette: NOT THE QUIET FRENCH KID, an origin story about side character and chef, Jules Zweigenbaum. Click here for a sample.

TRAPPED, by Seneca Blue, offers protagonists who are “real people” which was unheard of in the contemporary romance scene. The novel was written more than a decade ago featuring an overweight woman about to turn 40, overeducated and underemployed, which turned out to be a fascinating prognostication of the 2020 gig economy. This unique pocket book highlights the residents of Plastiqueville with stunning photos by Joan Zachary. Click here for a sample.

THE DEATH OF BIG BUTCH, by Larry Sceurman, presents an unusual coming-of-age story in 1970s, small town America. Jimmy Washburn, in his mid-twenties in May 1974, must cope with the death of a friend, the meaning of life, what it means to be a friend and a father, and make choices that will define his future and that of his family.

Click here for a sample.

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