Parisian Phoenix publishes fiction with a voice that breaks mainstream marketability or genre rules, features characters that are imperfect or who represent niche communities, and/or penned by authors underrepresented in the commercial fiction world.

Fashion and Fiends, for example, our debut fiction series, demonstrated potential when circulating among literary agents and editors, primarily in Manhattan. But it was a workshop with author Jonathan Maberry that first suggested the novel MANIPULATIONS would sell better as a paranormal romance rather than horror fiction. The novel’s “chick lit” feel lightens the horror elements, but it’s dark twists and ending remove it from the paranormal romance field.

TRAPPED, the next novel on the Parisian Phoenix roster, offers protagonist who are “real people” which was unheard of in the contemporary romance scene. The novel was written more than a decade ago featuring an overweight woman about to turn 40, overeducated and underemployed, which turned out to be a fascinating prognostication of the 2020 gig economy.

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