About Dr. Gilbert Christophe

Want to purchase a copy of MANIPULATIONS, the first volume of the Fashion and Fiends series? You can order it on Amazon.com, Target.com, Barnes & Noble or ask your favorite bookseller to order it from Ingram for you.

Writers find inspiration in the darnedest places. In MANIPULATIONS, pregnancy plays a key role in the plot. The pregnancy embodies the characters’ relationships and their hopes and fears.

I very much admired my obstetrician while I was pregnant with my daughter, and he and I used to talk about my travels and my journalism career. At the beginning of the pandemic, he received a well-deserved promotion and is now overseeing obstetrics at the hospital, after all my daughter is seventeen so he’s been in practice for a while now.

I named the American obstetrician after him, and I told him that when I was still working on the novel. At that time, I didn’t realize that character, Dr. Gilbert Christophe, would morph into an epic side character. He became a med school peer of Dr. Jacqueline Saint-Ebene, sister of Basilie d’Amille. And there ate references and appearances of Dr. Christophe throughout the series.

I had an appointment at the former office of the real life Dr. Christophe today (I almost typed his real name) and I almost brought a copy of the book to ask the staff there to send over to the hospital for him. But I chickened out, thinking it would be too weird.

And my new doctor (I’m on a whirlwind tour of trying them all at this point) mentioned him, and I sighed telling her my original plan. Bad marketing on my part. So I gave her index cards and asked her to mention it to him.

And then I told her the story of how I drove through a snow squall from one office to the other to retrieve my IUD because the courier hadn’t gotten there yet. I think the real Dr. Christophe thought I was crazy, but he told me he would insert it if I went to go get it. They gave it to me in a large manila envelope.

I hope the real Dr. Christophe reads this and I can get him a copy of the book. I’d be honored if he took the time to read it.


I’m told it’s National Black Cat Day. This is Shady.
She’s not even six months old yet but she is the sweetest, cuddliest, and most patient kitten ever.
She is available for adoption at FelineUrbanRescueandRehab.org.

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