summer brownout

Our Art Director Gayle gives some wonderful creativity tips on how to keep art alive in your life, the non-electronic way.

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I’d like to say that I unplugged for summer break, but that wouldn’t be true. I used my phone, social media, Zoom for a class, and even my design software for many days. There were some days when I only used electronics for an hour. Others for several hours. Still others not at all. Did I unplug? No. I’d like to think of it more as a brownout—”A reduction or cutback in electric power.”

Stack of sketchbooks.
Three of the four sketchbooks I finished this summer. The last one was 8.5×11.

What did I do instead? I read. I drew. I wrote. I even did creative things. I tended to all the portions of my being that have been neglected because of how easy electronic suck you in. Electronics have replaced television as the electronic babysitter. Except now the babies are grown-ass adults.

I always have a sketchbook. I sketch in it. Write…

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