To purchase Trapped, or any of the Parisian Phoenix books, visit Amazon,, Barnes & Noble’s website or order direct from us here. By Seneca Blue The opening: CHAPTER ONE (circa 2007)“Could this day get any worse?” Ed asked herself.She slammed her cell phone closed, thrusting the electronic inconvenience into her pocket. With five part-timeContinue reading “Trapped”

Life truly is stranger than fiction

Angel Ackerman shares some local oddities with photographer Joan Zachary. Who doesn’t want to see a field of dinosaurs? I loved being a newspaper reporter and I adored working for weeklies the best. Weekly newspaper reporters typically had a geographic beat, whereas … Inspiring tour of the Phillipsburg area… cats, dinosaurs and Edison’s concrete houses

There’s a whole lot of books on Hulu right now

Eva Parry introduced me (Parisian Phoenix Publisher Angel Ackerman) to Octavia E. Butler. She had read the Xenogenesis series (now Lilith’s Brood from what I can tell) as part of a high school independent reading project. She has been trying to get me to read them for years, but I kept telling her no. KINDREDContinue reading “There’s a whole lot of books on Hulu right now”

Grammar Girl may inspire a toast for the historical and fantasy writers (and how our publisher’s day job can help you grow your craft)

That title may be a bit much. But this blog post will contain a lot. We want to inspire. We want to share. We want to reassure. Backstory: The Day Job As a boutique publisher of craft books in its youth, Parisian Phoenix remains a part-time business (ad)venture. Publisher and founder Angel Ackerman has retainedContinue reading “Grammar Girl may inspire a toast for the historical and fantasy writers (and how our publisher’s day job can help you grow your craft)”

Happy New Year: Public Domain Day 2023

If you’re looking for inspiration for 2023, check out Duke University School of Law’s Center for the Study of Public Domain. As of today, works published in 1927 have entered the public domain and Duke has provided a list of them. Copyright causes a lot of confusion and questions among artists. Check out our publisher’sContinue reading “Happy New Year: Public Domain Day 2023”

I don’t have the answers.

It’s hard to believe that fifteen months have gone by since Parisian Phoenix released its first title on the world. Fifteen months, nine books, more than a dozen artists and writers working together to create craft books featuring unique voices and diverse perspectives. There are milestones we have reached as a business– making enough withContinue reading “I don’t have the answers.”

The Great Cookie Survey of Christmas 2022

By Larry Sceurman, author of The Death of Big Butch Publisher’s Note: Larry Sceurman’s debut novella is a rich, nostalgic view of familiar struggles that remain relevant regardless of the historical date. But Larry Sceurman, the storyteller and individual, expresses these eternal thoughts in colorful hand-made cards and humorous letters to friends and family. NowContinue reading “The Great Cookie Survey of Christmas 2022”

Big Butch free on Kindle for all right now

Greetings, all. Our publisher has some adventures yesterday— many of which spurred from the arrival of The Death of Big Butch print books. Speaking of Big Butch, Parisian Phoenix has partnered with Amazon to offer the ebook FREE for all readers for the next few days. If you want to download the book, click here.Continue reading “Big Butch free on Kindle for all right now”

Small Business Saturday with Indie Booksellers

As a very small business and a craft publisher, Parisian Phoenix believes in supporting our peers and participating in the publishing industry in whatever ways we can. We do this by purchasing books from other small presses and independent/self-published authors, visiting independent bookstores, volunteering at libraries (and other literary venues), networking with writing and professionalContinue reading “Small Business Saturday with Indie Booksellers”