A Thanksgiving Romp through Parisian Phoenix Updates

It’s a quiet, crisp and very sunny Thursday morning, a particular Thursday morning known here in the United States as Thanksgiving, a holiday with some controversial history. Does the holiday celebrate the survival of the colonial settlers? Does it glorify the annihilation of the indigenous population? Was it merely an attempt to unite battling politicalContinue reading “A Thanksgiving Romp through Parisian Phoenix Updates”

Exploring whether or not my art features ‘enough’ disability

Last May, I appeared as a featured reader for the online event Spofest (which stands for spoken word fest). Among Spofest’s many segments was a Q and A where the host asks participants three questions about writing. The first two are the same for all three presenters, but the third is a question that theContinue reading “Exploring whether or not my art features ‘enough’ disability”

Less than 48 hour whirlwind tour to DC with patron saint Carly Simon

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Author’s note: this post will contain some language I don’t usually use in my blog posts, probably only the word ‘bitch.’ But you’ve been warned Roaming Rooster take-out A kick ass chicken sandwich and tangy, refreshing coleslaw Stale nasty popcorn At work for Parisian Phoenix Lincoln Memorial Pentagon Watergate Watergate,…

the birth of our logos

When designing a logo, sometimes the decisions are clear cut. Other times they take a bunch of routes. This post will take you on a trip thru Parisian Phoenix Publishing (or PPP) logo designs. People are curious. They are starting to ask why. As the designer, the simple answer is I don’t remember. It wasContinue reading “the birth of our logos”

Cupcakes at Midnight: A discussion of future plans for Parisian Phoenix Publishing

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Yesterday was the launch day for my novel. At midnight, the teenager and I were celebrating with cocktails and cupcakes. I have so much hope for Parisian Phoenix Publishing. It’s too early for me to know how many copies have sold, I don’t expect large numbers as I haven’t really…

Author chatter: Why did I launch Parisian Phoenix Publishing?

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Last night, I was blessed to spend the evening with William Prystauk, author of the Kink Noir series, podcast host and reviewer of all things horror at Crash Palace Productions. Buy Bill’s books here: William Prystauk on Amazon. Buy my book here**: Buy Manipulations on Amazon. Or buy my book…