Podcast Review: Firebug by Truth Media

Yes, at Parisian Phoenix we publish books. But, a good story can be told in many ways. Firebug recently caught my eye on Spotify, and I binged the podcast during two shifts at the day job. I thought documentarian who organized the series did a fantastic job of linking interviews with arson investigators, fire victims,Continue reading “Podcast Review: Firebug by Truth Media”

So, do you plan to NaNoWriMo?

When I was still a board member at Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group, someone in the membership mentioned this new-ish thing called NaNoWriMo, which I see now was founded in 1999. This would have been circa 2005, because my now high-school-graduate was a toddler. And I’m not sure, but I think my now second novel,Continue reading “So, do you plan to NaNoWriMo?”

Murphy, you’re not going to win: How a Great Day Broke my Heart, part 2

Part 1 of this blog post appeared on Angel Ackerman’s web site, angelackerman.com, and was reposted on ParisianPhoenix.com Yesterday, Rosie, the rose gold 13″ MacBook Air with the intel processor that Parisian Phoenix publisher Angel Ackerman bought refurbished from Apple about eighteen months ago when she decided to invest in the small press concept, tookContinue reading “Murphy, you’re not going to win: How a Great Day Broke my Heart, part 2”

Murphy, you’re not going to win: How a great day broke my heart, part 1 — Angel Ackerman

This is the first half of the saga of how Parisian Phoenix added a new “staff member”: Midnight Angel, a 13.6″ MacBook Air M2 in, well, midnight. The second half will be part of the Parisian Phoenix blog. Yesterday, I “broke” my dear blind friend Nan out of her independent living facility, her first outingContinue reading “Murphy, you’re not going to win: How a great day broke my heart, part 1 — Angel Ackerman”

Nostalgia and Baby Seats: Welcoming a New Author to the Parisian Phoenix Family

I’ve been working with storyteller Larry Sceurman of the Lehigh Valley Storyteller’s Guild for a couple of months now. He approached me after Joan Zachary gave a presentation on photography’s role in book layout and as inspiration for the creative process during a Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group meeting in June. (To see the highlightsContinue reading “Nostalgia and Baby Seats: Welcoming a New Author to the Parisian Phoenix Family”

The Brouhaha on Banned Books

The issue of Book Bans never seems to go away… and the current climate books by queer, gender non-conforming people, and individuals of color seem to be taking a hit. Behind the Scenes: The Daily Show Behind the Scenes discusses Book Bans. (podcast) and on YouTube. Some of the recent brouhaha attacks books by peopleContinue reading “The Brouhaha on Banned Books”

Venues where you can celebrate books in the Lehigh Valley

Hello, readers, writers and bibliophiles. The fall book season is upon us… and I don’t mean Parisian Phoenix releasing new titles (although we’re so close to releasing The Itty Bitty How to Cat Book that I can taste it. Contact us to preorder yours now by credit card, or PayPal.) But I’m actually referring theContinue reading “Venues where you can celebrate books in the Lehigh Valley”

Not every book has to be great

My daughter asked me to read one of her new found joys— an erotic romance by Heather M. Orgeron called Alcohol You Later. I finished it today, and reviewed it on Goodreads. And the teenager remarked that I didn’t tear it apart quite like she expected me to. And it got me thinking… Not everyContinue reading “Not every book has to be great”

The Sloppy First Design Draft

Parisian Phoenix’s Art Director and I have an unusual relationship. I usually hand her the text and give her freedom and very seldom does she have an idea that makes me say no. Trapped is a magnificent example. Gayle somehow connected the author of Trapped, Seneca Blue, with our photographer, Joan Zachary, and thought Joan’sContinue reading “The Sloppy First Design Draft”