Small Business Saturday with Indie Booksellers

As a very small business and a craft publisher, Parisian Phoenix believes in supporting our peers and participating in the publishing industry in whatever ways we can. We do this by purchasing books from other small presses and independent/self-published authors, visiting independent bookstores, volunteering at libraries (and other literary venues), networking with writing and professional groups and participating in programs and festivals as the opportunities arise. We review books, read on NetGalley, and keep our Goodreads active.

Slowly, that participation has exposed us to new readers, new authors and new peers in the publishing world.

This week, Publisher Angel Ackerman bought Andy Laties’ books. Andy and his wife Rebecca Migdal (who designed the cover on Andy’s book, The Music Thief) own Easton’s independent bookseller Book & Puppet Company and co-founded the Easton Book Festival.

And yesterday, Andy contacted Angel about her potential participation in next Saturday’s Independent Bookseller’s Day, a nation-wide event on Small Business Saturday that Book & Puppet Company will celebrate with an author’s drop-in event.

Angel (and probably Nancy Scott) will be in attendance from 4 to a loose 5 p.m., and we suspect that Darrell Parry may make an appearance at some point in the day. We hope you will consider dropping in, or, if you’re not local, use our affiliate links with and your purchase will support Book & Puppet (or your local bookshop) and Parisian Phoenix. Check out our shop here and our books on Bookshop here.

Published by Angel Ackerman

Writer, Editor, Traveler, Fashionista, Francophile, Student and Mother Publisher at Parisian Phoenix ( Author of the Fashion and Fiends series

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