The Big Butch cover shoot: The team unites in the creative process

Joan Zachary met Parisian Phoenix publisher via the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group in the late 1990s/early 2000s. It was definitely before the cover model for yesterday’s The Death of Big Butch photo shoot at Steve’s Café in Phillipsburg, N.J.

Now, Joan is still hard at work with her new Mac exploring yesterday’s treasures but she was excited enough to share two initial images with everyone.

Author Larry Sceurman (the gentleman in the first photo) entered Steve’s Café for the first time and as his wife, Barbara, started reading and exploring proprietor Maryann Ignatz’s eclectic collection of history. Angel went into the house to speak with Maryann and thank her for her contribution.

Larry sat down at the far end of the bar and seemed reflective. And when Angel returned and Joan asked for what everyone was thinking, Larry piped in first. He pictured our model, Eva, posing as Jimmy Washburn in contemplation at the window with a “beer.” We poured Eva a ginger ale. And we even slapped some singles on the bar.

Joan sent the photo of Larry and Eva first, “I know it’s not what you are looking for on the cover. I’m just starting to go through what I got today and cull things out. But I saw this one and had to stop and play with it… I’m absolutely blown away by the glass.”

So later, Angel asked Eva what she was thinking while Larry talked with her at the bar. “Larry reminded me of Butch,” she said.

And while that is the title of the book, she wasn’t referring to “Big Butch,” but a figure in her life also named Butch, who has been a grandfather to her.

And when everyone asked Angel’s opinion, she chuckled and said, “I handle the words. I’m staying in my lane.”

The second photo of Eva alone at the bar is one of many contenders for the cover. Joan will finish culling and cropping and playing and send a large photo dump to Angel and Gayle. The three of them will each painstakingly review them and pick favorites, and whatever favorites end up on all three lists will go to Larry. Once Larry offers his opinions*, the final selection will go to Gayle and Gayle will make the cover.

And since the inside credits of the book include some type notes and image credits, Gayle has more of the cover designed than she is revealing which makes it very exciting. The release date is December 8, and we’re hoping to put the ebook in Kindle Unlimited.

Meanwhile, here’s a color version of Eva alone at the bar at Steve’s Café.

If you’re interested in exploring our existing books, we encourage you to try They have free shipping right now as a Black Friday promotion. Find the Parisian Phoenix books here.

*Just a reminder– as a craft publisher and a small press, Parisian Phoenix has not reached the point where we can offer advances, though we try to make up for that with generous royalty packages and other perks. One thing that we pride ourselves on: We make books that reflect the author and the author’s dream. We work in collaboration. We sit around a table with art director, publisher, photographer and we build a final product that reflects everyone’s talents. Unique voices. Diverse perspectives.

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