The Success of Indies First, an appearance on the news

Great news for local fans who might find themselves in downtown Easton during the holiday season: Book & Puppet should have books from Parisian Phoenix Publishing in stock.

Angel Ackerman, Nancy Scott, Darrell Parry and Gayle Hendricks stopped into the bookstore to hang out with bookstore owner Andy Laties and other Lehigh Valley authors, including memoirist Jerry Waxler whom they hadn’t seen in almost a decade.

WFMZ reporters and videographers were capturing the spirit of Small Business Saturday — and one such videographer was also someone Angel and Darrell hadn’t seen in a decade. And we made the local news! See Angel and Nancy at about 55 seconds.

Broadcast on WFMZ

Now, downtown Easton does something a little different for the holidays. The town square features a fountain with a statue on it, the soldiers and sailors monument, erected in 1900 according to the Library of Congress. You can read about it and see a photo here.

During the holiday season, the City of Easton covers this phallic piece of artwork with sheets of metal and fiberglass that then support a huge representation of a flame. This is known as the peace candle. More about this tradition (and other events associated with it) here.

At 6 p.m. last night, the town officially “lit” the candle, with the holiday village of vendors around it, ice sculpture, horse and carriage and lots of twinkling lights in the trees.

The Parisian Phoenix team had planned to go to dinner to celebrate Gayle Hendricks’ upcoming birthday, but the restaurants in town were impossible to navigate. Maxim’s had not opened its dining room and had bar seating only, Amman’s was reservation only, Hoza was closed, Bayou could only get us a table at 8:30. (It was before 6 when we started looking. We had assumed Hoza would be open and we could get some authentic African.

At this point, we gave up and headed to Angel’s neighborhood and visited the local pub. The local pub never disappoints and always has room somewhere, even if the menu keeps shrinking because of shrinking labor availability and rising inflation.

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