new years goal—remember to proofread!

Our Art Director and esteemed book designer works with the next generation of artists as a graphic design professor at local colleges. Her message— which as writers we hear all the time— applies to the graphic and fine arts as well as the written word.

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I make a fair number of typos as evidenced by this blog and my walking blog. Many I catch. I also miss a fair number.

If I miss them on project briefs for my students, or emails, they will let me know. It happened twice today. I tell them I put errors in to check if they are really reading stuff. But honestly, it’s a bald-faced lie. It’s a typo.

On my walks around the neighborhood and city, I’ve seen a lot of interesting spelling and phrasing. Sometimes I take pictures of them for my students as examples. (I’ve placed a selection above.) I even looked up whether or not that’s how you spell Independence in Spanish, just in case. It’s not. It’s wrong in two languages. Right now my space bar is broken so unless you really whack it hard, it doesn’t work. Unintentional run-on words or phrases are…

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