The social aspects of writing community

In an effort to connect more writers, artists, authors and other creative professionals, Parisian Phoenix believes in networking, sharing resources, offering support and mentoring.

Publisher Angel Ackerman routinely corresponds with journalism students who take classes with art director Gayle Hendricks in her role as graphic design professor at local colleges. She also serves as a trustee at her local library and volunteers with the Lehigh Valley Book Festival.

Poet and occasional Parisian Phoenix proofreader Darrell Parry participates in several local poetry groups, edits Stick Figure Poetry quarterly journal and serves on the board of Easton Book Festival.

Both, along with author Larry Sceurman, are members of Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group. Photographer Joan Zachary and editor and poet Nancy Scott are past members.

Angel and Larry attended a GLVWG meeting today, Larry to promote his new book, The Death of Big Butch,** and his upcoming anthology, Coffee in the Morning, and Angel to reconnect and see Donna Brennan, who served with Angel on the GLVWG board probably 15 years ago.

Donna gave the presentation at today’s meeting. She talked about procrastination and time management. Lately, most attendees utilize zoom instead of visiting in person.

Larry also gave Angel a copy of the 2017 GLVWG Anthology, The Write Connections, which features one of his short stories which he will republish (with permission and recognition to its first publishers) in his anthology.

But visiting in person allows you to enjoy the environment of the Palmer Branch of the Easton Area Public Library, which offered a delight of a sign today: “If you’re looking for a sign that you need a new book– this is it.”

** Amazon allows third party sellers to resell books they order from the distributor at higher prices, so if you go to The Death of Big Butch in paperback on Amazon, it may tell you you need to buy it from another seller for $15 or more. If you are on a mobile device, they will not show you the small link that says “More buying choices: new and used offers.”

If you are on a computer and you click this link, it will show you the original $9.99 purchase price from Amazon. It appears that other parties buy priority placements from Amazon to mark up book prices.

The link on the title of The Death of Big Butch will connect you to, where you can purchase the book and support independent booksellers if you prefer. And if you like Barnes and Noble, here you go.

Published by Angel Ackerman

Writer, Editor, Traveler, Fashionista, Francophile, Student and Mother Publisher at Parisian Phoenix ( Author of the Fashion and Fiends series

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