Podcasts, the GOAT IMHO of writing

I recently provided information on several storytelling podcasts to, hopefully, ease you into the idea of using your phone or your computer as a listening device to allow these modern radio programs (everything old is new again) into your lives. Many podcast players/ streaming services (like Spotify) offer free versions. So consider the possibility of podcasts being a mini-retreat or a reflection to help you in your creativity.

In this column, I, Angel R. Ackerman, publisher at Parisian Phoenix, will share with you the podcasts I believe will help you hone your talents. If you have a Spotify account, you can look for my profile— I’m the one in glasses, cuddling a cat. I curate longer lists of podcasts there.

This list features my “greatest of all time” in the writing podcast world.

NOVEL MARKETING PODCAST with Thomas Umstadd Jr. of Author Media. On Spotify, episodes of Novel Marketing Podcast go back eight years! Thomas used to work for a small press and tackles all the topics related to marketing. His web site offers blog posts of each episode, so if you can read about the topic instead of listen. His advice is about selling your book, not about craft. He asks good questions and finds better answers.
PEOPLE’S GUIDE TO PUBLISHING by Microcosm Publishing. Joe Biel, the founder of midlist independent publisher Microcosm, and his editorial and marketing director, Elly Blue, present tidbits about real life as a small publisher. The current episodes often feature a guest, and I must say, I’m not as keen about their skills as interviewers compared to their prowess with real-world experience.
HOW DO YOU WRITE? with Rachael Herron. Rachael usually keeps her podcasts around a half-hour long. She’s transparent about her career as a hybrid author, with traditional books published with Dutton and self-publishing her backlist and titles that don’t get placed by her agent. She offers inspiration, interviews and practical tips.

Runners up:
THE REBEL AUTHOR’S PODCAST with Sacha Black. Sacha is a self-published British author, who writes ridiculously fast and highlights stories of rebels on her podcast and occasionally swears. She recently launched a new pen name for sapphic fantasy romance fiction and has been chronicling her journey.
THE CREATIVE PENN with Joanna Penn. Joanna is another self-published British author, who, like Sacha, makes her living via her author career. She writes in several genres, including thriller and travel memoir. She is very tech savvy and keeps abreast of changes in AI, NFTs and other digital opportunities.
BOOK MARKETING TIPS AND AUTHOR SUCCESS with Penny Sensevieri and Amy Cornell. No frills, no excess, just around 20 minutes of advice on a topic— from book cover pet peeves to the difference between marketing and sales.

Next time: Tips from podcasters on building an email newsletter

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Writer, Editor, Traveler, Fashionista, Francophile, Student and Mother Publisher at Parisian Phoenix (parisianphoenix.com) Author of the Fashion and Fiends series

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