Let’s see where this goes…

This blog post will pay homage to the title of our new Substack– Parisian Phoenix Bookish Babble. I’m honestly not sure where it will lead, so let’s start writing and see where stream-of-consciousness takes us.

New and Upcoming Releases

Darrell Parry released the expanded second edition of his poetry book Twists: Gathered Ephemera yesterday. The book features a new poem that has yet to be read in public. (And if I’m transparent, the poem memorializes my father, who passed away in December 2021 and left a huge void in my heart that has yet to heal in even a partial way.)

I remember when he came

to fix his daughter’s old beat-up Ford Escort

for the millionth time,

asking, “you got a screwdriver?”

“No? How about a paperclip or somethin’?”

When she questioned why he never brought tools

he told her, “Any idiot can fix it with tools.”

— Darrell Parry

Thurston D. Gill Jr. is waiting for a small edit on one paragraph before he can do the final author review of his finished book, The Phulasso Devotional, due out in March. The original release date was March 17, but we may have it done early. Who is responsible for that one little edit? That would be me. The book is a wonderful resource for Christians (or any spiritual person who doesn’t mind exploring the text of the Bible) contemplating personal security and emergency preparedness in a scary modern world. How do we keep ourselves and our families safe without violating ethics or values?


Speaking of the titles by Darrell and Thurston, Parisian Phoenix will be printing postcards of Maryann Riker’s original artwork which was custom-commissioned for these books. These will also be available for purchase.


As the first paragraph mentioned, we launched a Substack. For those that don’t know, Substack is a conglomeration of newsletters. For now, all Parisian Phoenix material on the platform will be free, but eventually we would like to offer subscription-based resources. Visit it here.

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