Our newest author: Julian Costa

This summer, Parisian Phoenix will begin work with Julian Costa on publishing a memoir of David Campbell, an educator born in Galion, Ohio, who wrote stories of his life in the 1940s and 1950s to pass on to his children. Julian previously wrote a nonfiction book about Campbell and his educational career and achievements, publishedContinue reading “Our newest author: Julian Costa”

Upcoming Non-fiction Books Announced

We are just about to update our production schedule for the upcoming season. Several new authors have joined our stable, as the publishing industry says, or the birdhouse as we tend to say. And it looks like our next few titles will focus on nonfiction.

Attitude, by Larry Sceurman

The other day, I was at a gathering of old friends. You might say folks of the same spirits. Most of the men and women there were older than sixty-five. I would say seventy plus was the majority. When I walked into the room, the first person I noticed was Old Kenny. I haven’t seenContinue reading “Attitude, by Larry Sceurman”

Phulasso, in the author’s words

As we get publicity and cross-promotion ready for the upcoming event on April 29, people ask me about some of our titles. Phulasso receives a lot of attention because of its unique content and Greek title. So, I invited Thurston to submit his own works about the book. Here is what he said: “The PhulassoContinue reading “Phulasso, in the author’s words”

Releasing Friday: The Phulasso Devotional by Thurston D. Gill Jr., meditations on personal security and Christian values

Parisian Phoenix Publishing submitted its latest title, Thurston D. Gill Jr.’s The Phulasso Devotional, to the printer. We’re looking at the printer-generated proof and we are awe-struck and excited. A year ago Thurston had only dreamed of sharing his deep spirituality with the world in a broader fashion but he wasn’t sure what he wasContinue reading “Releasing Friday: The Phulasso Devotional by Thurston D. Gill Jr., meditations on personal security and Christian values”

Let’s see where this goes…

This blog post will pay homage to the title of our new Substack– Parisian Phoenix Bookish Babble. I’m honestly not sure where it will lead, so let’s start writing and see where stream-of-consciousness takes us. New and Upcoming Releases Darrell Parry released the expanded second edition of his poetry book Twists: Gathered Ephemera yesterday. TheContinue reading “Let’s see where this goes…”

Celebrating cover design, book design and original art

Today is the coldest day so far this winter, with an actual temperate of six degrees Farenheit and an even lower wind chill. This is doubly surprising to me– even as someone accustomed to winter in the northeast United States– because so far this weekend, little, prone-to-be-cold publisher Angel Ackerman has been going outside inContinue reading “Celebrating cover design, book design and original art”

Yuletide Beginnings

When we launched Parisian Phoenix, we didn’t do extensive research or think about branding. When we thought up our tag line– promoting unique voices and diverse perspectives– it represented what we thought the creative world needed, But we might have been manifesting, to use a trendy term right now. We’re coming to the close ofContinue reading “Yuletide Beginnings”

More podcasts on writing, five on self-publishing

As publisher of Parisian Phoenix Publishing, I have curated some playlists of podcasts on Spotify. I encourage anyone with questions about certain aspects of writing and publishing to check out my profile and see if any of the topics appeal to you. Some of my past discussions on this topic include Spotify Playlists for WritersContinue reading “More podcasts on writing, five on self-publishing”

Some unusual writing craft books you may not know

I thought it would be fun to share a couple of writing craft books that I have saved over the years that aren’t Stephen King’s On Writing or William Zinsser’s On Writing Well or Strunk & White’s Elements of Style. Those are classic writing craft books and if you haven’t read them you should andContinue reading “Some unusual writing craft books you may not know”