Sex and a Beer

December 2, 2022. When did that happen? Time does sneak up. The Death of Big Butch should be headed to the printer this weekend, and the December Parisian Phoenix email newsletter will follow. Last night, the folks at Book & Puppet Company, and organizers of October’s Easton Book Festival, posted the “Sex in the Text”Continue reading “Sex and a Beer”

Getting ready for a conversation about (writing) sex

Angel Ackerman and William Prystauk will be hosting a live conversation about writing sex scenes at Book and Puppet Company this Saturday night (October 22, 7:30 p.m.) as part of the Easton Book Festival. The event is free and open to anyone 18 or older. Last night Angel went through the first two volumes ofContinue reading “Getting ready for a conversation about (writing) sex”

October Newsletter: Let’s talk about sex, or poetry, or cats, or scary stories

Organizers of the free local event Easton Book Festival have invited Parisian Phoenix publisher and author Angel Ackerman and Kink Noir author William D. Prystauk to anchor a panel, Sex in the Text, at Centre Square’s Book and Puppet Company Oct. 22 at 7 p.m. Former local journalist Angel Ackerman pens the Fashion and FiendsContinue reading “October Newsletter: Let’s talk about sex, or poetry, or cats, or scary stories”

Is that right? 25 potential titles!

We’re working on titles 9 & 10 for our small publishing house— but as life goes, projects get rearranged all the time. As publisher, I found myself not sure which author and which projects to prioritize so I sat down and made a list of every committed title, every anticipated title and every title thatContinue reading “Is that right? 25 potential titles!”