New Reviews for Darrell Parry and Charles Ticho

We received word that T.A. Niles recently posted a very elaborate and fun review to his web site regarding Darrell Parry’s collection of poetry, Twists: Gathered Ephemera. The book has also gained some traction on Goodreads.

Reactions to Twists

Sure, there was a healthy dose of sardonic humor, but what else would you expect from a guy who plays with devils? In poem after poem, there was something juicy to savor— even if you had to wait for the twist at times. Asked to sum up the collection, I might say something like, ‘It’s lemon-drop poetry: hard and grainy on your tongue, where tangy and sweet fornicate to produce spurts of ecstasy.’

Reviewer T.A. Niles

To read Mr. Niles original post, click here.

Charles Ticho’s memoir of childhood in Europe during the Holocaust has also gathered some stars on Amazon, and this review, posted after his death in June.

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