Is that right? 25 potential titles!

We’re working on titles 9 & 10 for our small publishing house— but as life goes, projects get rearranged all the time.

As publisher, I found myself not sure which author and which projects to prioritize so I sat down and made a list of every committed title, every anticipated title and every title that has been pitched to me.

I had 25– yes as in “two” “five”— titles on the list. I color-coded it green for in process, yellow for in writing phase and red for it’s far off or I haven’t heard from the person who pitched it recently.

The FURR Itty Bitty “How to Cat” Book should head to design this week, but design might take longer than usual as the book is a mini version of the original As the FURR Flies anthology and cat resource book originally set to debut next.

It looks like the Itty Bitty book will be about 40 pages and contain all the useful cat information cat owners should know from a rescuing perspective in a slim 5 by 7 format.

I’m only on page 75 of the next Fashion and Fiends novel, so fans of that series might not see the next volume, Road Trip, until 2023. Absolution will be volume five in the series and finally save Étienne d’Amille from danger. Ironically, Finding Hooyo is the most written out of all of them, and that is the military medical romance that serves as book six.

I have a new author working on a fiction anthology. I have several people who have pitched me memoirs— on everything from relationships to abortion rights and my own memoir Gravity is a Harsh Mistress on my journey learning about cerebral palsy as an adult.

Rachel Thompson is working on two nonfiction books: one on RV Life and another about how homeowners can protect themselves from shoddy contractors.

And Seneca Blue is working on a romance that might just be a tad historical and cross-cultural.

So stay tuned!

Published by Angel Ackerman

Writer, Editor, Traveler, Fashionista, Francophile, Student and Mother Publisher at Parisian Phoenix ( Author of the Fashion and Fiends series

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