Call for Submissions: The Scavenger Hunt Photo Book.

This is a very new idea, less than a week old. Expect some details to change, and watch our submissions page for updates.

As creative people, the staff at Parisian Phoenix knows some really talented photographers. We wanted to highlight the work of these and other photographers with a scavenger hunt photo book.

We hope to publish it at the end of next summer if we get enough submissions.

We are looking for artistic detail photography, probably in black and white for a small photo book that would encourage people to go on a landmark scavenger hunt. The front of the book, or sections if we highlight more than one geographic region in the same book, would contain a map, listing all the locations. The back of the book (or section) would reveal where each photo was taken.

People who buy the book could then visit the sites and match the photo to its location using the list official locations on the map. The idea is not to trick people (for example a photograph of a dandelion could be shot just about anywhere) but to force them to view these scenes from a fresh perspective. (Imagine that dandelion growing in front of Moravian University’s Comenius Hall showcasing the architecture of the front door.)

DEADLINE: JUNE 30, 2023.

Angel Ackerman, detail of Holiday Inn entrance canopy
Joan Zachary, detail of cash register at Steve’s Café, Phillipsburg, N.J.

As a small publisher, we were originally thinking Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley would be the region of choice, but there is a possibility of branching out into the Poconos and/or Bucks County.

The photos themselves would feature a recognizable, accessible site from a detail or different point of view. For instance, not the falling crayons at downtown Easton’s The Crayola Factory but the roof of the parking garage behind the attraction. Each photo will have its own page, or two-page spread if the photographer has more than one compelling shot of the scene. Each photographer will have a credit on their photo(s) and a small caption will join each shot. If possible, we will include the date the photo was shot as environments change with seasons and time.

Photographers will definitely receive a free copy of the book and access to contributor copies, but we are hoping to provide additional incentives.

Submit high res images to and please put “photo book submission” in the subject line. Include with your submission the place, the date the photo was shot, and a brief blurb about why you picked this location/photo.

Our hope is to inspire people to have fun interacting with their environment, explore local history and our unique towns, and to gain a fresh view of the familiar.

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