Phulasso, in the author’s words

As we get publicity and cross-promotion ready for the upcoming event on April 29, people ask me about some of our titles. Phulasso receives a lot of attention because of its unique content and Greek title.

So, I invited Thurston to submit his own works about the book. Here is what he said:

“The Phulasso Devotional: The Engineering of the Warrior Priest is my contribution toward fulfilling my ministry for the safety & security of the community at large.

It contains biblically-based safety and security concepts and principles that I have learned in my relationship with Christ Jesus and my careers in Law Enforcement, Safety & Security, and Mental Health Recovery, which comprise the system of Phulasso (pronounced foo-las’-so).

Phulasso is an “all-powers” approach to security and protection with a focus on emergency preparedness, readiness, response, and recovery planning.

“All-powers” refers to the integration of our spiritual, physical, and mental abilities, along with a multi-disciplinary safety and security doctrine to seamlessly prevent, recognize and respond to multiple potential or active hazards and threats quickly, intelligently, and simultaneously to guard against harm to ourselves, families, and communities, such as:
• Acts of Physical Violence
• Fire and Medical Emergencies
• Man-Made and Natural Disasters

For more on Thurston himself, click here.

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