You’ve heard it, but have you acted on it? Support authors via reviews, a how-to

If you’re a reader, and not just the kind of person who occasionally picks up a book but the person who always has a book nearby, you’ve heard this: reviews help authors. It’s why authors recruit advance readers, pay literary publications like Publishers Weekly, and why services like NetGalley* exist. And if you’re just aContinue reading “You’ve heard it, but have you acted on it? Support authors via reviews, a how-to”

The social aspects of writing community

In an effort to connect more writers, artists, authors and other creative professionals, Parisian Phoenix believes in networking, sharing resources, offering support and mentoring. Publisher Angel Ackerman routinely corresponds with journalism students who take classes with art director Gayle Hendricks in her role as graphic design professor at local colleges. She also serves as aContinue reading “The social aspects of writing community”

Your Amazon figures do not mean squat

As you may have noticed, this forum has recently contained more shares from my personal blog ( than news about publishing in the last few days. Last week left me springing from one thing to the next, again and again. Every day I face choices as a publisher versus a mom versus a writer. DoContinue reading “Your Amazon figures do not mean squat”